Utilising psychology backed design trends, BOD Digital create digital experiences in line with our clients' vision, goals and requirements to meet the needs of your target audience to scale your brand.
Webflow development in four simple stages.

1.  Strategise
2. UX Design
3. Build
4. Delivery

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Our mission is to make dynamic web design that incorporates brand identity.

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Your goals, your needs, your audience is what we want to discover before we even start to think of developing your website. Unravelling how your business operates, what makes you unique and pinpointing your website's current shortcomings is what we focus on. The first, and arguably most important, stage of any website project is to make sure BOD Digital fully understands what you want and need from a website.


  • Understanding your core values to start piecing together a website design and development strategy
  • Questioning key stakeholders on the short and long term objectives of the organisation
  • Understanding all vital information that is unique to your business so it can be delivered and digested by your audience


  • Goals are instrumental in assisting us on deciding how the design will contribute towards the website’s success
  • Clearly defining the actions you want the users to take means we can ensure there is a clear focus represented on the website
  • Crafting compelling content that appeals to your audience will have the impact you are looking for


  • Outline the web design process, requirements and timelines so we are both on the same page. We don’t leave anything down to guess work
  • Gives you the opportunity to raise any questions or add additional points to the scope of work so we can get your site exactly how you want it
  • We provide you with a quote for all services you want BOD Digital to complete for you
(We even send you a cool online contract to sign, making every step easy and fun for you)
This is where the real fun starts. We know your business and what you want to achieve so the next question is how does BOD Digital do it? Our understanding of UX and your goals go hand in hand because this is where we look to fulfil the user’s needs. You may be asking what UX is, user experience (UX) is creating a positive, user-centric interaction with a website, prioritising usability, aesthetics, efficiency, and emotional satisfaction. This helps to deliver the core message of your website more effectively. A meaningful user experience builds confidence in your brand which contributes to business success.


  • Grasping what design elements you want incorporated into your new site will be discussed in the consultation
  • Combination of design elements and branding to portray your organisation how you desire
  • Usability of visual designs is a core success factor of the website


  • Sitemap outlines the order of how users will interact with your website to complete desired actions
  • BOD Digital walk you through your website structure and explain the reasoning behind the decisions made
  • Not only does it visualise your website structure, it is an important communication tool for search engines


  • Before the development commences we create a skeleton of how each page of your website will be designed
  • Brings clarity to the project and makes the development process more transparent
  • A time and cost-effective approach to envision your design requirements preliminary and receive and potential feedback to make adjustments
Once the wireframe has been signed off, then the build can commence. All of the design elements from the previous stage are developed into functioning web pages. This stage is where we use our years of experience to ensure your site is responsive and functional across all devices and browsers. We make sure every pixel on the page is where it should be.


  • Any content you have requested from BOD Digital will be available to you now and added to your website
  • All text content is written to your specific tone of voice to attract and keep users on your website
  • Interactive animations, videos and imagery mesmerise users on websites resulting in more greater engagement


  • Blood, sweat and tears (of joy) go into developing your website from the wireframe designs
  • The real magic takes place here and we don’t hide it from you like magicians, the site will be available from the first draft on a live link for you to see
  • This gives you full access to your site and can tell us about any amendments you want made in real time


  • For those specific and fine details that can’t be used using no-code tools we get our experts to build the requirements you need from scratch
  • In our years combined working with websites there isn’t anything we haven’t seen before
  • BOD Digital proudly uses Webflow because of how convenient it is for all of our clients with the no-code methods but it doesn’t mean we have forgot about the basics

10 SEO

  • Our good old friend Search Engine Optimisation, as you will learn from our initial call we tell you how our SEO strategies work to get your audience to your site
  • Ensuring your website is set up properly helps search engines analyse your website’s content so it can identify if a user's search query is relevant to your site
  • Not having SEO for your website is like having no doors or roads which lead to your shop, how will anyone find you?
Just like when your Amazon package says it out for delivery and you’re so excited you can’t wait any longer, well… this is what this stage feels like. We promise you, we are close to showing your beautiful new site to the world. However, it wouldn’t sit right with us if we didn’t do our final testing and ensure it is perfect before we press the launch button. Once it is live you can show your customers, clients, colleagues, friends, family and even your dog!


  • Every company wants to increase the bottom line, so if we find any bugs during quality testing we can fix it before any of your users see it and damages your brand’s credibility
  • Those annoying glitches on a website are really infuriating aren’t they? This is where we iron out those pesky little bugs and enhance your website’s functionality
  • You wouldn’t trust a bank who left your money lying around the branch with no security. This is why we test the security of your website to be able to deal with customer’s personal and sensitive information so users build trust with your company


  • The day is finally here where your website is ready to be showcased to the world and allowing 24/7 access to your services and products
  • Not only does a modern website design boost your own credibility, it means users spend more time on your website than competitors, win-win in our eyes
  • Most importantly, you now have a core instrument to help grow your business in the way you spoke to us at the start in our first discovery call

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