BOD Digital? Who are they?

We are
BOD Digital is run by Shay Mahey, a visionary web designer and marketer dedicated to reshaping digital brand experiences. Founded in Manchester, BOD Digital is driven by a singular aim: crafting websites that transcend traditional boundaries, incorporating cutting-edge technology and design trends.
Our approach blends potent digital marketing expertise with robust project management, allowing us to curate bespoke and innovative websites utilising Webflow. Our services extend globally, amplifying brands committed to ethical practices that prioritise client satisfaction, customer experience, and environmental responsibility.
At BOD Digital, we're not just about websites; we're about forging immersive digital brand experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide. Join us in redefining the digital landscape, where technology meets creativity to sculpt brand narratives that captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impact.

Core values

Our websites never compromise aesthetics for functionality. High performing websites ensure that their complex designs are responsive to different devices, and free of any technical issues that might impact the user experience.
Responsibility refers to our commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. A web design agency that values responsibility and prioritising the needs of our clients, their employees, and the environment, as we strive to leave a positive impact on the world through our work.
Quality is the cornerstone of BOD Digital. This core value refers to the commitment to delivering outstanding work that meets or exceeds client expectations. Focusing on quality means paying close attention to detail, design techniques, and refining designs until they're perfect.
Collaboration is key to delivering successful web projects. A web design agency that values collaboration will work closely with clients to understand their needs, gather requirements, and co-create designs that deliver real value. Leveraging each other's strengths and pooling resources to achieve common goals.


How much does a Webflow project cost?

This is difficult - every project can vary significantly based on the scope of work.

Typically, a proposal is shared after a short initial call to understand your business and the scope of work involved. If you share a budget with your request, we can also let you know if there is a way we can work around it.

What is Webflow and why do you use it?

Webflow is a cloud-based website builder and design platform that allows users to create, design, and launch websites without writing any code. It provides a visual, drag-and-drop interface for designing web pages and a powerful CMS (Content Management System) for managing content.

With Webflow, you can create custom, responsive websites for any purpose, including personal portfolios, business websites, and e-commerce stores. Webflow also offers a wide range of features and tools, such as built-in animations, flexible grid systems, custom form builders, and integrations with popular platforms like Google Maps and Mailchimp. Webflow is ideal for clients who want to create and launch websites quickly.

Can you get my website to rank first on Google?

While we can't guarantee a first-page ranking on Google, our SEO services are designed to help improve your website's visibility and search engine ranking.

Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your website and implement best practices in on-page and off-page optimization to increase your website's relevance and authority. However, search engine ranking is influenced by many factors, including competition, keyword difficulty, and relevance, so there is no guarantee of a specific ranking.

Our goal is to work with you to achieve the best possible results and improve your website's overall performance in search engines.

Can I play a piano on your website?